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waterThe company Energy Water was founded in 2011 and is engaged in water processing and trade water filters. Our main goal is to improve water quality through water filtration systems.


Energy Water imports and trade selective and quality products from the largest and most reputable manufactures of the field such as: KX TECHNOLOGIES (MATRIKX FILTERS) (USA), AQUAFILTER (USA, E.U.), PURE PRO (USA), WATTS PREMIER (USA).


Focusing on the needs of each individual home or business, Energy Water offers products and services designed to provide complete solutions to every problem. Provides advices for water filtration systems installations in every kind of business such as: Hospitals, Clinics, Microbiological laboratories, Hotels, Restaurants, Café, Bakeries, Food production facilities.


Armed with the knowledge and continuously improve of its services, achieve immediate service and continuous information to the customer. Energy Water through a full range of water filters provide competitive prices and excellent service.




  • Συμμετοχή της Energy Water στην INFACOMA - ENERGYTECH 2015, Θεσσαλονίκη 12-15 Φεβρουαρίου 2015
    Συμμετοχή της Energy Water στην INFACOMA - ENERGYTECH 2015, Θεσσαλονίκη 12-15 Φεβρουαρίου 2015 Αγαπητοί φίλοι και συνεργάτες, Η Energy Water σας καλεί στην Infacoma-Energy Tech, όπου θα παρουσιαστούν καινούργια προϊόντα και τεχνολογίες για οικιακή-επαγγελματική φίλτρανση νερού, ψυξη νερού, συστήματα επεξεργασίας νερού για τον χώρο της υγείας καθώς και τις δυνατότητες για μακροχρόνιες συνεργασίες με επαγγελματίες του κλάδου! Περίπτερό Νο 9, Stand 12A Σας περιμένουμε!

Latest Products

Countertop Doulton filter  (Plastic) - HCP

Countertop Doulton filter (Plastic) - HCP

¨ Remove bacteria, cysts 99.99%  ¨ Remove Insecticides, Herbicides 85% Phenols: 50% ¨ Polyaromatic ydrogonanth. 95%, 50% trihalomethanes ¨ Remove 97% of free chlorine, lead: 98.3% ¨ Appr
Manganese Filter 10''

Manganese Filter 10''

The filter contains a special resin that is designed to absorb manganese from drinking water.   Product Code: EW-10-506 
EW Matrikx PB 1 Pack

EW Matrikx PB 1 Pack

Το φίλτρο συμπαγούς ενεργού άνθρακα MatriKX PB1 απομακρύνει αποτελεσματικά μια σειρά μολυσματικών παραγόντων π

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Energy Water

335 Lagkada str, Stauroupoli

56430, Thessaloniki


E-mail: info@energywater.gr

Tel: 2310 654 555 - Fax: 2310 589 820

Mob: 6946020015 - Mob: 6948103400


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